Media Precision & Poppy-PR Team up with Belvoir

Poppy-PR, the leading Derbyshire PR agency has today teamed up with online marketing consultants Media Precision, to deliver both PR and full SEO solutions to Belvoir Lettings Sheffield.

The move came as Belvoir Sheffield decided to take their PR work to Tina Clough, the brainchild behind Poppy-PR who had considerable experience working with the firm in the past.  After a brief introduction to Media Precision, Belvoir Lettings Sheffield then decided to employ the firm to take on their SEO and the two firms decided to collaborate in this unique project.

Robert Deans, owner of Media Precision said, “Tina and I have worked together in the past so there is no worry with regards to the quality of work. We both fully appreciate what the other can bring to the table, and how working together on a project like this can will really raise both the online and offline profile of Belvoir Lettings Sheffield.“

After an initial pitch by the duo at the Belvoir offices in Sheffield, Poppy-PR and Media Precision are now well on their way to transforming the online and offline profile of Belvoir Lettings Sheffield, whilst positioning their managing director, Rick Flay as a thought leader in his field.

Rick at Belvoir Lettings Sheffield said, “We are delighted that both Poppy-PR and Media Precision will be working with us to boost our online and offline presence. After an initial pitch, we were encouraged by their industry knowledge and proven track record for generating column inches, so it made sense to offer them the contract.

“We have worked with Tina previously at her old agency and we have always been more than happy with the standard of work produced, her personal approach to clients and her ability to secure fantastic coverage.”

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Keyword Examiner Review

Keyword Examiner

Keyword Examiner

This week has seen the official launch of another piece of SEO time saving software called Keyword Examiner. Its Developer says “Keyword Examiner is a piece of software designed to take hours off your keyword research for search engine optimisation (SEO).” I have known about Keyword Examiner’s imminent release for a while now, so when I got the opportunity to review it, I was very excited.

What does it do?
In a nutshell Keyword examiner looks at the search volumes for your keywords or key phrases. It gets these figures from Google’s AdWords External Keyword Tool. Once it has these it then looks at the number of competition sites within your niche and is then able to calculate a KEI Score or Keyword Efficiency Indicator. The KEI score tells us how efficient a keyword is and enables us to make the right decisions about which keywords to target.

How is it to use?
As I did not have any outstanding keyword research to perform in this review experiment, I decided I would use some keywords I had researched towards the back end of last week. Now the research I had done was in the Mortgage sector, so it’s quite a competitive market and therefore imperative that I get the keywords right. What I decided to do was to run the Keywords through Keyword Examiner and compare them to the results I had got last week calculating the KEI score manually.

When you go to start the process you are asked whether you would like to choose global or local results. As the research I did last week was global I selected ‘All Countries & Territories’. Next you are prompted to enter your keywords. For this I added a handful of the most obvious ones. At this point you can choose whether you want the keywords as Broad, Phrase or Exact. I left this as Broad. After entering the CAPTCHA code, Keyword Examiner returns the AdWords search volumes for your keywords, but it also returns the search volumes for other suggested keywords.

The Next process is to obtain the competition data. Simply make your selections from the check boxes along the top and click the ‘Get Competition Data’ button and Keyword Examiner will return the results along with the KEI score for the keywords. That really is all there is to it, job done in just a couple of minutes. I need to point out at this stage, that for all you WordTraker fans out there that Keyword Examiner will ingrate with WordTraker, however you do need a WordTracker subscription for that.

The Results
One of the great features about Keyword Examiner is that the results can be exported to a spreadsheet allowing you to sort by size, thus making your decision for choosing your keywords easy. In my keyword research for this niche, I had chosen 4 key phrases. When I filtered the results from Keyword Examiner the top 4 were the same four that my manual research had come up with. Results 2 and 3 were in a different order but their scores were very close and there are a number of reasons why that may have been. What I also noticed was that result number 5 on Keyword Examiner’s results, was a keyphrase that Keyword Examiner had suggested, and that I had missed in my initial research. Now imagine if this had been the top result! I could have missed the most efficient keyword out there for my niche!

Is it any good?
Quite simply, “yes”. As busy SEO’s we all know that there are just not enough hours in the day, and anything that saves us time is worth its weight in gold. My keyword research last week took me the best part of an hour. Keyword Examiner came up with the same results, and highlighted a lapse of concentration on my part, in less than 5 minutes. So is that worth $29.95? Without a shadow of a doubt. Keyword Examiner is one of the most useful, cost effective, and time saving products I have ever used, and I hope you find it as good as I did.

Media Precision Secure Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing Deal

Press Release: Nottingham 10th September 2009 – Online marketing Agency Media Precision Are delighted to introduce Ironbridge Fine Arts to their Client Portfolio. The Deal which will take immediate effect will See Media Precision overlook Ironbridge Fine Arts Marketing Campaign.

Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing is owned by artist Jenny Gunning, Daughter of famous press maker and artist Dave Gunning. Specialising in etching, Specialist Printing and Bespoke Framing, Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing Telford boast an impressive collection of artists. “I am really excited about working with Media Precision. Etching is a dying art, and we are hoping that Rob and his team will help us increase our online visibility” says Jenny. She goes on to add “If we introduce one person to etching, the partnership would be a success.”

The core of this partnership will look at promoting Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing’s latest range of printing machines and etching presses. These specialised printing presses are handmade by Dave Gunning, and are available exclusively from Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing. Media Precisions part in this will be to promote the etching presses and raise awareness of this historic form of art.

Media Precision SEO Nottingham are independent SEO consultant’s specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click (ppc) management, and overall online visibility. Their belief is that as every business is different so should every online marketing campaign. For more information about Media Precision or their bespoke SEO services please visit

Contact Details
Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing
Merrythought Village
Telephone: 01952 434033

Black Hat Vs White Hat

Black Hat vs White Hat: Are the Risks worth the Rewards?

In internet marketing the terms white hat and black hat are common. However, what do these terms mean? White hat are ethical marketing practices that are used involving SEO, which follows the rules and does not do anything underhanded to get ahead of the competition. Black hat is the exact opposite. Marketers that use black hat techniques attempt to trick customers, competitors and search engines.

These are a few of the more common white hat techniques that are used by legitimate and ethical s and webmasters.

Creating legitimate and clear internal links in sites is extremely important. Try to avoid the use of logos or pictures as internal links because search engine bots cannot identify them. If search engines cannot identify an internal link, it is not an actual link.

Anyone that has done any research on SEO knows how important content creation can be. Websites that are rich in unique content are easily identified by search engine bots.

The content created for a site must be clear and concise using relevant keywords specific to the niche they are written about. They also need to be informative where anyone visiting that site can learn something from reading that content. One key factor in content creation is the proper keywords and keyword phrases must be used. Keywords that are relevant and specific must be used. The homepage of the site also must be optimized as well as the sub pages with the same keywords.

Effective site optimisation makes a better website appearance and a better chance of potential customers finding the site. Optimisation covers Meta tags, content, titles and links.

These are black hat techniques that are used by the less than legitimate and unethical s and webmasters.

Some websites try to fool customers into customers by having the text the exact same color as the background of the website. However, these websites are caught very easily by competitors and quiet often, search bots will recognize this trick as well. The results are usually the site being blacklisted. This is definitely not a smart tactic since it was easily discovered by someone who knows that to look for.

One of the most common techniques in content creation is keyword stuffing and one of the most popular black hat techniques. Keyword stuffing is when the website content has large amount of keywords or keyword phrases repeatedly mentioned throughout the content to the point that the content does not make any sense and are extremely difficult to read. Again, this technique is discovered very easily and will result in a website being blacklisted.

Another common black hat technique is cloaking. This is a method by where several black hat SEO techniques are used at one time for submitting information to search engines which is invisible to visitors. Sometimes these techniques will go undetected however; they can still be identified by competitors. The results are the website being banned by most search engines.

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